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Wichita State Shockers mascot WuShock’s nose quite phallic in nature (photos)


On Saturday, April 6, the surprising Wichita State Shockers, who came in a 9th-seed in the West region, will take on the Louisville Cardinals in a Final Four match-up in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome. Presumably along for the ride and to cheer on the squad will be WuShock, the school’s bizarre mascot. I mean, look at the thing’s nose. It’s not just me — and I have to assume I’m not the first person to arrive at this conclusion — but that bulbous protuberance coming out of the middle of its face? It is oddly phallic, is it not? I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

The Quad, the college sports blog of The New York Times, recently wrote-up a profile about WuShock, and while it was informative, it really doesn’t get into the nuts and bolts as to why it appears that the creepy mascot appears to have a man’s genitalia for a nose. Photographic evidence follows.

A primer on WuShock, as explained by a Wichita State Shockers fan and reported by The Quad in its article, “Getting to Know Wichita State’s Mascot WuShock:

Thus, for the similarly uninitiated, a primer below from a reader who shared also shared his thoughts, on Wichita State and WuShock and Shockers and, well, everything you need to know.

His name is David Kemp. We’ll let him take it from here: “Secondly, just as an FYI, ‘Shockers’ is a shortened version of our original and full nickname of ‘Wheat Shockers.’ The name was originally given to the football team a long time ago (last century) because they shocked (i.e. harvested) wheat for a summer job. The nickname has been shortened to Shockers for years, much like Nebraska is typically referred to as ‘Huskers’; instead of ‘Corn Huskers.’ It is typical to hear W.S.U. ‘shocked’ someone, but as noted above, our nickname has nothing to do with surprising another team.

“I know it is confusing. I’ve had people ask me if the nickname has anything to do with electricity as well. Our mascot, ‘WuShock,’ is basically a shock (or cluster) of wheat with arms and legs. I can see how he could look like a pencil to you — he baffles everyone not familiar with him.

“You have to admit, we have a very unique mascot.”

Oh yeah, I’ll second that assertion. It looks like the dang thing has a penis for a nose, for crying out loud. Why isn’t anyone explaining this?

Photographic evidence of the phallic nature of WuShock’s schnoz.

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Yamma hamma, it’s fright night. Shocker, indeed.