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Mike Rice’s dismissal from Rutgers receives Taiwanese Animation Treatment (video)


Of course, with the salacious nature of the sordid story, we should have expected Next Media Animation to jump all over the saga regarding the Mike Rice being sent packing by Rutgers University after footage aired of him berating players, throwing basketballs at them, calling them homophobic slurs and being generally, maliciously and disgustingly overall abusive.

I’m relieved that NMA World Edition has tacked this tale because I was far too lazy to actually do any legwork and write about it on my own. It’s nice when amusing animations featuring roasting marshmallows and cannons can spin the yarn for you.


Via NMAWorldEdition:

Rutgers finally fired basketball coach Mike Rice on Wednesday after a videotape showing him shoving, grabbing and throwing balls at players and using anti-gay slurs during practice aired on ESPN.

The video, broadcast Tuesday on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, led to harsh criticism from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Lebron James. With increasing criticism on a state and national level, Rutgers terminated Rice after three disappointing seasons. Rice apologized for his actions (with a lot of fake tears) at a news conference outside of his house.

And the informatively entertaining video:

Overall, I’ll give the video high marks for newsworthiness, but it lacks the over-the-top, gratuitous violence and sensationalism of previous entries, such as Tim Tebow being crucified or Ndaumukong Suh dismembering a Green Bay Packers player or any of the other many sports-related animations we have come to enjoy and love. But still, we’ll take it.