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Like ‘Porky’s’ without female nudity: NFL to air locker room footage in stadiums


In a bid to make the in-stadium, gameday experience more, uh, interesting (?), USA Today has confirmed that the NFL plans to place cameras inside all home team locker rooms with selected footage to be aired at the stadiums. Selected footage of course meaning that we hopefully can expect that no Visanthe Shancoe incidents sullying up any fan’s day at the game.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello reportedly confirmed to USA Today that the cameras will be mandatory and all teams are required to participate in the initiative.

Somehow, this doesn’t seem to be the kind of attraction that will prompt fans to leave the comfort of their living rooms to pay the exorbitant ticket prices and suffer through all the extraneous annoyances that have come to be just as big of a part of the so-called “gameday experience” as watching the game.

Television broadcasts already feature some locker room footage, and while interesting, it isn’t the most compelling part of watching a game at home. Not dealing with drunks, obscene concession prices and the many, many other issues that prevent a person from actually enjoying the game while at the stadium cause most folks to stay away.

Further, it won’t be anything like Porky’s notoriously hilarious scenes of locker room voyeurism. But in retrospect, that’s definitely a good thing. Again, the dreaded Visanthe Shiancoe incident. Sheesh.

Okay, okay, I’ll admit: The Porky’s reference was a bit of a stretch, but how good was that movie. Pretty darn good.