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Kid has ball entire time as adults search for Matt Joyce’s game-winning HR (video)


The Tampa Bay Rays won the team’s Wednesday match-up at Tropicana Field against the Baltimore Orioles in dramatic fashion by a score of 8-7, capped by outfielder Matt Joyce’s walk-off homer off Fernando Rodney in the bottom of the 9th inning.

Of course, as with any walk-off win, Joyce’s homer initiated a celebratory atmosphere on the field, but just off the field in the stands where Joyce’s home run had just landed, a more frantic scene was taking place as fans frantically searched for the souvenir ball.

Unfortunately for the grownups jockeying for the ball beneath the seats, the booty already had been claimed by a composed young man a mere few feet away from where the fracas for the baseball was ensuing.

It’s amazing how long it takes for the otherwise occupied adults to realize the little boy has had the ball the entire time. Via

 And some screengrabs (via Business Insider):

kid-holding-matt-joyce-home-run-ball-1 kid-holding-matt-joyce-home-run-ball-2

Ha. The kid is like, “Hello, old people. I already have it…hellllooooo…”

Come on, grownups, pay attention. Also, some calm and composure goes a long way. Look at that kid: Cool as a cucumber.