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Despite naysayers, Josh Reddick to keep letting his freak flag fly with beard (pics)

Josh Reddick

Apparently, Oakland A’s right fielder Josh Reddick has been on the receiving end of some unwarranted grief due to what I would refer to as a magnificently unkempt yet sublimely rocking beard. It is out of control, yes, but are the nattering nabobs of negativity even aware of the fact that Reddick is engaged in an epic “Beard Off” with WWE superstar Daniel Bryan? So, just because some folks don’t like it he should just abandon the “Beard Off” to appease people who don’t find his fantastic facial hair becoming? Get real.

Reddick recently took to Twitter to take on the naysayers, and in eloquently brief fashion, informed the haters that he has no intention of shaving off his majestic beard.

Via @joshreddick16:

Take that, those left uncomfortable by Reddick’s refusal to bow down to society’s rules and willingness to let his freak flag fly. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young would be proud to count this young man as one of their own. If this were 1970 and “Almost Cut My Hair’ just had been released. But I’m pretty sure no matter how awesome Reddick’s beard is, it does not give him the ability to travel back in time. But it would be far out if it could, man.

Let’s have a couple more looks at that bad boy of a beard.

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[H/T Hardball Talk, all gallery images via Michael Macor/The Chronicle]