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‘Boyfriend of the Year’ ducks out of way of home run, ball drills girlfriend (video)


During the top of the 7th inning of Tuesday night’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field, D-Backs pitcher Heath Bell surrendered a home run to Cardinals shortstop Pete Kozma. As you will see in the video below, as the ball clears the wall, a man appears to to be making an initial effort to catch the ball, but chickens out at the end, recoiling away at from the heat-seeking missile-like baseball at the last second.

Sadly, with only moments to spare and the baseball bearing down upon him with frightening speed and trajectory, this young man neglected to warn the young lady seated next to him about the ball soon to be crashing down in their vicinity. And yep, BLAMO! The ball drills the poor gal right in the side of the face. Ouch.

Ouch, indeed. The best part is the announcer saying, “Nice going, boyfriend. Jumps out of the way, don’t protect your girlfriend,” as the camera is locked in a closeup on the couple’s face, exposing his cowardice to all. Double ouch.

While we cannot say for certain whether or not the relationship between the man and woman featured in this video is romantic in nature — although by all accounts it certainly appears that way — we can say for certain that we would be shocked if this guy isn’t in this gal’s doghouse in some capacity, regardless of whether they are boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, good pals, what have you.

But if these two are anything the couple who achieved a somewhat embarrassing level of notoriety a few seasons ago with a similar display of cowardly behavior on behalf of the male, we should know a lot more about them soon enough.

[GIF via SB Nation]