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A young Paul Rudd once met a naked Terry Bradshaw in the Steelers locker room (vid)


A fantastically mustachioed Paul Rudd (paging Brian Fantana) made an appearance on Conan Tuesday night and the discussion turned to sports. Rudd, despite growing up in Kansas, is a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and he told a story that became creepier and creepier with every detail about a time one of his father’s work colleagues took him to a Steelers game when he was 10.

The creepiness coefficient reached its crescendo (that doesn’t make any sense at all, but the alliteration is, shall we say, creative?) when Rudd discussed the thrill he experienced when his dad’s associate managed to get the two into the Steelers locker room. It was then that he experienced the thrill of his life when he met the team’s star quarterback, Terry Bradshaw. Even better, Bradshaw was very accommodating, taking the time to actually speak with the young Rudd.

Unfortunately, Bradshaw happened to be butt-naked at the time.

Yeah, creepy.

Via UPROXX, by way of Kissing Suzy Kolber:

Yeah, and how Rudd mentions how his height as a 10-year-old boy related to a standing and naked Terry Bradshaw? Yep, real, real creepy. I don’t know how Rudd pulled out of that psychologically traumatizing tailspin, but thankfully he did.

And if for some reason the image of Terry Bradshaw circa 1979 (when Rudd would have been 10) cannot be conjured up, here is a photo of Terry Bradshaw and Pirates legend Willie Stargell from that year:


Oh dear. That’s some nightmare fuel right there. Also, the entire disturbing tale about how at 10 years old, Paul Rudd met a naked Terry Bradshaw instantly reminded me of this other awkward locker room moment from a bygone era:

gary coleman mark messier

That never stops being disturbing. Or, let us be honest, hilarious.