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New York Yankees fans sure stuck with squad until the bitter end (they didn’t) (pic)


While the attendance at Yankee Stadium for the team’s season and home opener on Monday against the hated Boston Red Sox was announced to be 49,514, very few of the fans who actually showed up at the game remained in their seats as the New York Yankees were dispatched with relative ease by their bitter rivals by a score of 8-2.

While it may have been a rainy and cool afternoon in the Bronx, the display of disinterest — and perhaps even malaise and a sense of impending doom given how many perceive the team’s prospects for profound success this season — by the usually dedicated Yankees fans was even colder, as one can see courtesy of a tweet from Yahoo! Sports columnist Les Carpenter.

A photo taken of a near-empty Yankee Stadium in the bottom of 9th inning, via @Lescarpenter:

Yowsers. That ain’t pretty. Granted, once the weather warms and the team begins winning — which is almost inevitable (they might not be the Yankees of old, but they remain the Yankees) — the stadium will fill with fans and remain full despite what the scoreboard reads. Or it won’t. And if that’s the case, methinks there won’t be many baseball fans who don’t swear allegiance to the Evil Empire that will feel any semblance of sympathy for the poor, unloved Yankees.


[H/T Big League Stew]