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Huh? The Reading Fightin Phils to feature ostriches at its ballpark (video)


The Reading Fightin Phils, once known as the Reading Phillies, a name befitting a team that serves as the Double-A affiliate for the Philadelphia Phillies, recently issued a press release announcing that an “exciting, unique partnership between the Reading Fightin Phils and the Berks County and Pennsylvania agriculture community” has been consummated.

And that, of course, means the team’s ballpark, FirstEnergy Stadium, will house two ostriches this season.

Wait. What?

From the bird-brained announcement (get it?), via the Fightin Phils official website (by way of The700Level):

“Fans can now experience and learn about farming and these unique animals from Africa just by attending a Fightin Phils game,” said Fightin Phils General Manager Scott Hunsicker. “We hope that families can fall in love with both farming and baseball from the allure of these magnificent ostriches.”

Honoring the newfound struthious logo of the Fightin Phils, the ostriches will celebrate Berks County’s long-lasting farming connection like no other minor league team has ever done. 

The pair of female ostriches hail from Roaming Acres Natural Farm in Newtown, New Jersey. Originating from a South African breed, both of the avian creatures are two years old.

If there’s one thing my mind instantly turns to when thinking about the agricultural communities of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you better believe it’s ostriches.

Still, as mentioned in the release, the Fightin Phils have a new logo:


And yes, it’s “struthious,” all right, although I had to look up the word “struthious” before I could agree with that assertion.

Here’s some video of the ostriches, who have been named as of yet, although a contest will be held:

Of course, the hot dog guy in the video is none other than The Crazy Hot Dog Vendor, a Reading Phillies institution who appears to have come along with the switch in team name. If you ask me, though, the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor in the video — especially in the screengrab from the video above — resembles Jeff Daniels as Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber.

I guess you could say that as far as the team’s foray into combining agriculture, farming and baseball is concerned, the Reading Fightin Phils are pinning their hopes on a wing and a prayer, a joke that might have had a chance to be funny if ostriches actually used their wings for flight. Which I am pretty sure they do not. But hey, I’m no Struthiousatorian or anything.