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Gorgeous Golf Channel starlet Holly Sonders snags Golf Digest cover (video)


Those of you out there in Internetland who do not happen to be huge golf fans likely do not make it a habit of watching the fine golf programming available on the Golf Channel, which is unfortunate, given the presence of the 26-year-old beauty Holly Sonders on its A.M. talk show program, “Morning Drive.”

But folks within the golf community have been taking notice of the gorgeous Sonders for some time now and continue to do so, as evidenced by her landing the cover for the May 2013 issue of Golf Digest.

Of course, whenever an attractive woman lands a cover of a magazine, it almost inevitably leads to a behind-the-scenes video, which is always nice.

Photos from the shoot can be found here and an interview with the stunning Sonders is available on Golf Digest‘s website here, but here’s some behind-the-scene footage, courtesy of Devil Ball Golf:

Holly Sonders: Attractive, incredibly fit and could easily whup your butt all over the golf course. Not a bad combination.