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US Weekly’s Tiger Woods-Lindsey Vonn cover: ‘In Love With A Sex Addict’ (pic)


US Weekly decided — wisely, I might add — to plaster Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods all over the cover of the periodical’s latest issue.

Woods and Vonn, who awkwardly made their relationship public last week, have stressed that they crave privacy as the two pursue their budding romance, so I’m sure US Weekly will respect their wishes after this issue.

On the other hand, maybe the gossip rag is irritated that Tiger Woods said he and Vonn published the first photos of them as a couple on Facebook to stick it to the “stalkarazzi”. Don’t know, don’t really care.

But the headline is the epitome of salaciousness: “IN LOVE WITH A SEX ADDICT.”  I wonder if that’s any different than being with someone who refuses, but is going to have to face it they’re addicted to love. Man, I wish Robert Palmer were still alive.


Good stuff. I wonder if Elin is jealous that she only got a little blurb on the bottom of the cover. Somehow I doubt it.

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