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Female fan says Giants P Sergio Romo could be an exotic dancer in commercial (video)


In one of the more amusingly awkward promotional commercials by a major league ball club thus far this year, San Francisco Giants right-handed relief pitcher Sergio Romo is asked by a female fan what career he would choose to go into if he were not a professional pitcher.

Romo rattles off a few alternative careers: An astronaut, a DJ, a chef. But then the female fan — who for some reason appears to be making her inquiry of Romo from the driver’s seat of her car while he’s on the mound — clearly smitten with the pitcher, suggests that she could see Romo as a professional dancer…of the exotic variety. Rawr!

And that’s when the commercial gets weird.

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What a naughty, naughty woman! And no, there will be no further discussion related to Sergio’s Romo’s exotic dancing moves. Do that on your own.

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