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Alex Rodriguez will make more than the entire Houston Astros roster in 2013


In news that should be as infuriating as it is laughable, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who likely will miss a good chunk of the 2013 regular season as he recovers from hip surgery he underwent in January, reportedly will earn more than the entire Houston Astros roster.


According to an AP report (via the Los Angeles Times), A-Rod is slated to earn approximately $29 million this season, while the Astros entire payroll for the upcoming season is $25 million.

Astros manager Bo Porter, to his credit, is taking the low payroll and everything that comes along with it, all in stride, saying, “When we get on the baseball field with whomever the opponent is, they are not sitting there saying: ‘Well, their players make more money than us so therefore you’re deemed a winner and we’re deemed a loser.”

While it is hardly surprising that at $228 million — nearly 10 times what the Astros will pay out in player salary — this will be the 15th straight season the Yankees have topped the MLB for team payroll. It is also worth noting that Rodriguez also will lead individual player salary for the 13th straight season, beating out Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee, who will make a reported $25 million this season.

I wonder if A-Rod even feels one shred of guilt over how much he is making millions and millions of dollars this season while not being in the lineup. Doubtful. Obviously, it’s not his fault — more or less — that he required surgery, and there’s no earthly reason imaginable why he should feel compelled to return the money, but still.

And yet, A-Rod has many other things to worry about other than the fact that he makes more money than an entire baseball team. He’s got seafood to eat, man. And centaur paintings of himself to gaze upon. And roles as drag queens in independent films to consider. Okay, okay, I could go on and on here (as evidenced by the considerable amount of A-Rod bashing posts in this here site’s archives). You get the point: A-Rod, for many reasons — some his fault, some not — is an extremely unlikeable individual.