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Ice Ice Baby: Check out Kobe Bryant’s super-cool ‘Ice Mamba’ jacket (photo)


The Los Angeles Lakers were in Minneapolis on Wednesday night to face the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Lakers narrowly edged the T’Wolves, winning the game by a score of 120-117, with Kobe Bryant leading the way with 31 points.

Following the game at Target Center, the Lakers were set to embark to the destination of its next game against the Bucks in Milwaukee. As many of you might assume, it remains a bit chillier here in the North than in other parts of the Realm — “Game of Thrones” is almost back, woo-hoo!  — at this time of the year, necessitating Kobe to don a jacket to shield himself from Minnesota’s early spring chill.

But one of the jacket’s features is what makes Kobe’s coat much more interesting and simply not an indication that the Lakers superstar knows how to pack well and travels with weather-appropriate attire. On the back, the jacket bore a message that is a peculiar take on his Black Mamba nickname: Yep, Kobe apparently is the “Ice Mamba.”

Kobe posted the below photo on his Facebook page with the simple message, “Great win tonight. Off to Milwaukee. Mamba out.”


While it is a brilliant coat and a clever riff on Kobe’s moniker, there is one issue with the jacket’s message: Wouldn’t a Black Mamba not react well to cooler climes due the species being a cold-blooded reptile? Or is that being too nitpicky?

Yeah, probably a bit too nitpicky. But it’s something to think about. Then again, in light of the reptilian dormancy condition known as brumation, “Brumating Mamba” kinda has a nice ring to it.

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