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Joker Phillips’ creepy tweet made creepier by Heath Ledger/Joker photoshop (pic)


Joker Phillips, who was fired by the Kentucky Wildcats on Nov. 4 but caught on as the wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator for the Florida Gators, sent out a tweet on Wednesday that is about as odd a thing that one likely will ever see tweeted by a football coach.

Phillips, making the connection that he shares a nickname with the most heinous and mischievous of all Batman villains, made a creepy tweet that read in part that “IT’S TIME TO COME PLAY WR FOR THE JOKER!” just that much creepier by attaching a disturbing image from the late Heath Ledger’s haunting and distrubing tour-de-force performance as the Joker in “Dark Knight” that has been photoshopped to include Florida’s colors and logo. Creepy, indeed.

The tweet in question:

Sweet sassy molassey. That’s … something. Working under the assumption that Phillips had some assistance with the photoshop job, my question is this: Why didn’t said person point out that this was perhaps a little too over-the-top and much too creepy for a social media recruiting pitch?

And a larger version of the photo that better highlights the Gators logo photoshopped onto the Joker’s suit, as well as the reference to what the Joker says as the Batpod bears down upon him in the film:


Wow. Phillips deserves credit for thinking outside the box on this one, but still, weird stuff, man.