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Hurricanes D Jamie McBain whiffs on clearing attempt, scores on own net (vid)


During the team’s sixth-straight loss courtesy of dropping Tuesday night’s tilt against the Winnipeg Jets by a score of 4-1, Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Jamie McBain suffered an epic whiff for the ages.

When trying to clear the puck out of the defensive zone, McBain whiffed horribly, missing the puck. As his stick returned to to the ice, he inadvertently propelled the puck backwards, past goalie Justin Peters, off a post and into his own net.


Ouch. I guess you could refer to McBain’s unfortunate play as McBain IV: The Fatal Discharge. You know, if you wanted to go with the easy reference to the last name Jamie McBain shares with the action hero in the film series starring Ranier Wolfcastle on The Simpsons. Which I do. And did.