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Super-excitable Temple Owls fan is more-than-sufficiently super-excited (GIF)


On Thursday afternoon, the 9th-seeded Temple Owls basketball squad engaged in a down-to-the-wire battle with the 8th-seeded North Carolina State Wolfpack. The Owls ultimately came out on top, winning by a score of 76-72, but if this guy’s antics during the game were any indication, perhaps no Temple Owls fan in attendance at University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio was more thrilled — or at least demonstrative, rabid and let’s be honest, a bit “touched” — then the Owls fan featured in the latest GIF provided by GIFULMINATION.

Proceed if you so choose, but be forewarned, he may frighten you with his in-your-face intensity.

Ready? Good.

GAH! Now that’s some unbridled — even slightly unhinged — enthusiasm right there. It wouldn’t be surprising if the guy suffered an aneurysm during the nail-biting conclusion. Can you imagine, if Temple can continue on deeper into the tournament, what it will be like for him as the game get progressively more intense themselves? Hoo boy.

And finally, how about a round of applause for GIFULMINATION, huh? The job the site has done capturing all that is entertaining and amusing (and slightly disturbing) about the NCAA Tournament is worthy of our thanks and gratitude. So, thanks, everyone over there. A brilliant effort.