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Poll of Clevelanders about LeBron James reveals a lot of them are liars


With the memory of LeBron James’ return to Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night (his fourth time as a visiting player) still fresh in the minds of Clevelanders — not to mention the Miami Heat’s triumphant comeback against the Cavaliers and all the odd things that occurred during the game — the Cleveland Plain-Dealer conducted an online poll on the paper’s website asking the following question: “LeBron James: Do you want him to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers?”

The current results of said poll are interesting to say the least.

Also, the results indicate that an alarming percentage of Clevelanders (and for accuracy’s sake, just about anyone else who can access the Plain-Dealer‘s website and take part in the poll, meaning anyone with an internet connection), are lying to themselves. Others don’t even know what in the hell is going on, unsure of exactly what this LeBron guy is all about or how they feel about him.


Clearly, there are so many inherent flaws — including the small sample size, among other glaring issues — in this poll that prevents it from being a scientifically sound measurement of Cavaliers fans — and Clevelanders as a whole —  and their collective loyalty or shared hate for LeBron James for skipping town. But let us assume for a moment that a majority of those who participated in the poll are in fact residents of Cleveland and the city’s surrounding communities. It is hard to believe that Cleveland wouldn’t welcome back LeBron with open arms.

Or did the cut’s wound leave a scar that runs so deep that, even after years of feelings of betrayal corrupting the minds of embittered Cavaliers fans everywhere, there is no possibility of a reconciliation? That there is no chance for a second act and the re-coronation of King James?

Hard to say, but as we all know, polls are useless tools of measurement anyway. But look at the chart reflecting the poll results! It’s neat!

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