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Jeremy Lin busts out the ‘three goggles’ to celebrate Harvard’s Tourney win (pic)


Jeremy Lin, the Houston Rockets guard and the man who spawned “Linsanity” (which, from what I understand, sadly will not be properly recognized as a legitimate mental disorder in the DSM-5), attended Harvard, starring on the fine learning institution’s basketball team.

So, you can only imagine Lin’s excitement on Thursday night as he watched his beloved 14th-seeded Harvard Crimson outplay, upset and upend the 3rd-seeded New Mexico Lobos by a score of 68-62 on the opening night of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

It was Harvard’s first NCAA Tournament victory, so people all over the world far more intelligent and successful — oh, much more successful — than you or I likely were relishing the win. Among those ecstatic folks was Lin, who took to Twitter to express and articulate the joy he was experiencing over the monumental upset.

Lin broke out the “three goggles” to illustrate how happy he was over the outcome:


Not only that, Lin also offered up a tweet containing a writing style not befitting a man from such a learned background who attended such an esteemed institute of higher learning:


Congratulations is in order for Jeremy Lin, Harvard alum and students and anyone else who counts the Crimson among their favorite college basketball teams, however strange of a decision that may be.

Still, if I were Jeremy Lin, I’d be expecting some strong words from his Harvard English professor. All those superfluous exclamation points, poor punctuation and whatnot? Tsk, tsk.