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Colorado State Rams fan wears Ram getup for game, hilarity ensues (GIFs)


The Colorado State Rams, the No. 8 seed in the Midwest Region, beat the 9th-seeded Missouri Tigers by a score of 84-72 on Thursday night. And even though that means the Rams now face the formidable task of facing the Louisville Cardinals, the No. 1 seed in the region, on Saturday, the team’s fans probably will take a moment to celebrate before preparing themselves for an unfortunate, yet likely, dismissal from this year’s tournament.

One fan, however, who has Rams blood pumping through his veins and likely does not see one reason why Colorado State cannot upset Louisville, is the fan who attended Thursday night’s game hilariously dressed up as a ram. Not surprisingly, the young man stood out in the crowd and the TBS cameras gave him plenty of screen time.

Die-hard Colorado State fan, I have dubbed thee: “Funny Ram Man Costume Guy.”

It merits pointing out that Funny Ram Man Costume Guy should not be confused with Ram Man, the hard-headed hero from Eternia of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. First of all, Funny Ram Man Costume Guy is a real person, not an animated cartoon character. Secondly, Ram Man is a human battering ram, as in the tool, while Ram Man Costume Guy is a young man dressed up in a ram animal costume. Subtle differences, sure, but they are still there.

Check out all the GIF goodness, via GIFULMINATION:

Awesome, dude. Hopefully, this guy has a ticket to the game against Louisville on Saturday. The team is going to need his spirit. Although not necessarily the yawning. Pace yourself, Funny Ram Man Costume Guy!