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Breaking news about Tiger Woods’ ex, Elin Nordegren: Yep, she’s still gorgeous (pic)


While I haven’t been performing my due diligence as it relates to the love life of Elin Nordegren — although by all appearances, it seems that she is doing just fine on her own — recent photos snapped of the Swedish stunner is that she is doing well and that, yup, the ex-wife of Tiger Woods remains devastatingly beautiful.

And say what you want about Tiger’s new gal, Lindsey Vonn — who is no slouch in the looks department by any stretch — but Elin radiates an entirely otherworldly level of beauty. Maybe it’s from growing up with the all the creature comforts¬† provided by well-made IKEA furniture.

Anyhoo, photogs from TMZ recently captured the 33-year-old Nordegren coaching her daughter’s soccer team, just like any other loving, devoted and involved mother. And she looks phenomenal doing it.

Elin Nordegren: Making every other soccer mom on her daughter’s team insanely jealous. And probably increasing the attendance by soccer dads tenfold.