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Guy drops trou, flashes genitals to try to distract skiers during race (vid)


There’s an old Norwegian proverb that when loosely translated into English reads, “If at first you don’t succeed at distracting cross-country skiers during a race, try, try again by dropping your pants and flashing your genitals at them.”

It’s a weird proverb. But the very thing described in it occurred during a recent team biathlon race in Russia. A member of the Norwegian national biathlon team was captured on camera and is now accused of waving his man parts in a “ballsy” attempt to distract female members of a rival team during the sport’s World Cup event in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia.

Police are investigating, treating it as a case of “a case of alleged hooliganism” and indicate that there is an abundance of “video evidence from numerous people.”

Safe-for-work video follows (if perusing the New York Daily News website is safe to do at your place of employment).

Gee whiz, that’s one way to go about getting the attention of the ladies. Although I hope it wasn’t too cold out there.

[via New York Daily News]