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Derp: Ernie Johnson, Greg Gumbel team up for epic fist bump fail (GIF)


Although they deserve a free pass with coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament just getting underway on Thursday, the awkward exchange that occurred between studio hosts Greg Gumbel and Ernie Johnson when they attempted to engage in some kind of hand-to-hand greeting. Yeah, it did not go well.

Granted, the fist bump is not the high-five, or as Jerry Seinfeld once referred to it, the lowest form of male primate ritual. Still, there is no reason why two men should not be able to execute the same hand-based greeting simultaneously. That is, if one guy sees the fist bump coming, the other should be able to adapt, even if he was going with the handshake move, on the fly.

Watch the epic disaster unfold in beautiful animated GIF form below.

Hoo boy, that’s awkward. Poor, poor Ernie Johnson. Maybe Paul Mooney should have inserted Bryant Gumbel’s older brother Greg’s name for Wayne Brady’s regarding the comic’s popularity in the classic “Chappelle’s Show” skit. Just saying.

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