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Arnold Palmer sneaked a smooch before his dinner date with Kate Upton (photo)


Earlier this week, we learned that before Kate Upton was traveling to Florida for a dinner date with Arnold Palmer.

Palmer, who is busy in Orlando hosting his tournament, the Arnold Palmer Invitational at his own course, the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, cleared some space in his busy calendar in order to make some time to dine with Miss Upton. And let’s be honest, who can blame him?

Well, the dinner date must have been scheduled for Thursday evening, as Cori Britt, whose Twitter bio indicates that she has been working with Palmer since she was 12 years old, tweeted a photo of old Arnie planting a smooch on Upton’s cheek. That old cad!


The accompanying tweet:

Britt also tweeted the following shortly after the tawdry kiss tweet (not really tawdry):

Upton got into the Twitter action herself as well, uploading the following photo of her being pinned by Palmer:

Aww, isn’t that adorable? It’s like he is pinning a corsage on her on prom night! Which is something Miss Upton should get used to if her calendar allows her to go on that prom date with that kid.

[H/T Game On!]