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Tom Brady winning the internets with ATV pic and Easter Bunny ads (photo/videos)


New England Patriots quarterback and all-around awesome dude Tom Brady leads a charmed life, but you didn’t need me to inform you of that certifiable fact. On Wednesday, it was further confirmed that Tom Brady exists on a plane of existence mere mortals such as you and I, dear reader, dare not even dream about.

For one thing, photos surfaced of Brady, his supermodel wife, Gisele B√ľndchen, and three-month-old daughter Vivian Lake having a grand old time while enjoying a vacation in Costa Rica. This was not the first time Tom and Gisele have spent time vacationing in Costa Rica, as you may recall their cliff-jumping excursion from last summer.

This time, the gang had some fun cavorting on a gorgeous beach courtesy a ride on four-wheeler, quad bike, ATV or whatever the heck people are calling those things these days.

And if that wasn’t good enough — save for the questioning the wisdom and decision to ride around on a motorized vehicle with an infant in tow strapped to Gisele’s chest — commercials starring Brady and the Easter Bunny for the UNREAL candy line began to surface on the interwebs.

From what I can gather, the Easter Bunny has embarked on an apology tour to express his regrets for being “a bad, bad bunny” due to giving out candy and treats that are bad for children all these many years.¬† To make amends, he suggests people try the candy from UNREAL, which contains none of the additives, preservatives and other nasty stuff traditionally found in Easter candy.

That’s when Tom Brady, and a host of other celebs, comes in, as you can see in the three videos below that debuted on Wednesday, Mar. 20.

Ha. The Easter Bunny doesn’t know how to catch a ball or celebrate touchdowns. Santa Claus, on the other hand? That guy can ball.

And while I cannot attest to whether or not the company’s candy tastes good or bad, I can compliment them for the savvy marketing of their product. You could say their promotional savvy is UNREAL.

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