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Ronald McDonald giving ‘Miracle’ speech to CHL team is nightmare fuel (video)


The scene in Miracle where Kurt Russell (as Herb Brooks) delivers a stirring pregame speech to his players is one of the most riveting, lump-in-your-throat moments in any sports film ever. So, it’s not surprising in the least that folks have been re-creating it for their own purposes ever since the movie came out in 2004. One such video documenting a re-creation of the scene that achieved viral status was when young Josh Sacco, known online as “Lil’ Herb Brooks”, performed a phenomenal rendition of the speech.

Although the latest entry cannot equal the cuteness quotient and adorableness ratio of little Josh Sacco’s performance, it more than makes up for its lack of charm with straight-up nightmare fuel.

Ladies and gentlemen: Ronald McDonald giving the Miracle pregame speech to a similarly clad minor league hockey team. Strap in, kids.

According to Puck Daddy, the team featured in the video is the Allen Americans, a Texas-based team playing in the Central Hockey Team (CHL) who serve as the AA affiliate of the Dallas Stars. The team recently held its 4th annual “McDonald’s Night” that was highlighted by the players donning McDonald’s-inspired jerseys, with the jerseys auctioned after the game with proceeds going to charity.

Before the game, none other than Ronald McDonald, the Golden God of the Golden Arches himself (or a man dressed up as him — duh — the real Ron’s too busy for this kind of stuff — he’s real, right?), strolled into their locker room and brilliantly dropped this speech on them:

I got goosebumps from the sheer majesty of the performance. Either that or I’m just terrified, worried about how I am going to sleep tonight. Clowns are scary.

But it is worth pointing out that the speech worked — or didn’t completely shatter the team’s confidence — as the Americans went on to beat the Wichita Thunder 4-0. No clowning. They did.

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