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Behold, the Craig Sager NCAA Tourney Bracket Tie (photo)


Craig Sager NCAA Tourney Bracket Tie? Craig Sager NCAA Tourney Bracket Tie. Usually, the fact that veteran basketball Craig Sager appears on television wearing some goofy getup shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, much less warrant any acknowledgement or further discussion. “Hey look, everyone: Craig Sager is wearing an outrageous suit with an equally outrageous tie!” Come on. It’s his bit, his calling card if you will, a routine that he carefully has crafted over his many years as a broadcaster.

But since we are on the precipice of March Madness Mania, it makes sense to at least point out that Craig Sager was rocking a nifty little neck accessory while working an Opening Round NCAA Tournament game on Tuesday night. I believe the game was between North Carolina A&T and Liberty, but it was on truTV, and I couldn’t bear watching commercials for Lizard Lick Towing, Storage Hunters and Killer Karaoke repeatedly over two-plus hours just to watch a play-in game.

Anyway, long story longer, Mr. Sager was sporting an NCAA Tournament bracket-themed tie for the telecast, and USA Today caught up with him and asked him about his unique outfit embellishment.


Via USA Today:

To be honest, last year, I had one made,” Sager told USA TODAY Sports. “It was black with white lines for the bracket. People kept asking what it was. I liked the idea so well I wanted to give it another try.”

We’re pretty glad Sager did.

“It’s total silk. It’s just plain, looks like a piece of paper,” Sager said. “I also have a shirt I bought that hopefully ties together the black and the white. I bought a new pocket square, too.”

Makes sense. What good is a tie without a coordinating pocket square?

“There’s a chance I could (write) teams in, but I don’t think I’m going to do that until Northwestern finally gets invited,” said Sager, who is a Northwestern alum. “I’ll wear a purple one then.”

Ha. Northwestern getting into the Big Dance. Good luck with all that, Craig Sager.

(image via @NicoleAuerbach)