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Timberwolves apparel company uses JT’s ‘Suit & Tie’ to spoof team’s injury woes (vid)


Plagued by injuries, the Minnesota Timberwolves have experienced a brutal and lost season on the court because they cannot seem to get guys out of the training room. Recurring injuries to Nikola Pekovic and Andrei Kirilenko have eradicated any chance of the team competing on a game-by-game basis. Those issues caused by a decimated roster exacerbated the already delicate situation highlighted by how Ricky Rubio returned late and is at last working himself into fine form after knee surgery, Chase Budinger went down early on, Brandon Roy and his completely useless knees never were a factor and most importantly, Kevin Love from the get-go couldn’t stop breaking bones in his hand.

Tee Wolves, a Minnesota Timberwolves-themed apparel company — although it does not appear that they are officially affiliated with the Timberwolves franchise in any capacity — had some fun at the expense of the walking wounded that became the T’Wolves roster this season by spoofing Justin Timberlake’s new track, “Suit & Tie” with footage of Timberwolves players dressed in said attire instead of their basketball uniforms.

Good stuff. I heard Brandon Roy laughed so hard when he watched it the first time, his knees literally exploded, with the remaining bone evaporating on the winds like dandelion spores. Tough break, man.

As for the rest of the guys, Kevin Love probably immediately blamed the video on David Kahn and then took off to hang out with K-Love the Octopus . Andrei Kirilenko got another wicked-cool tattoo and Nikola Pekovic sent a link to the video to his new buddy Zach Galifinakis. As for Rubio? I’m not sure how he responded or will respond, but I’m sure it will be adorable, just like everything else Ricky Rubio does.

[via @treykerby]