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UCLA head football coach Jim Mora is tweeting about ‘American Idol’


I have to begrudgingly admit that at one time, I enjoyed watching “American Idol.” But the influx of new judges I couldn’t care less about and the departure of Simon Cowell, the only real reason to watch that show, allowed me to easily to devote all that time when the show is on three times a week to more intellectually challenging and enjoyable pursuits, such as reading and re-watching episodes of “Chopped” on Food Network and if nothing else, navel-gazing. Maybe the last one is a bit boring, but it still beats the heck out of watching the train wreck that “American Idol” has become.

Still, I reckon that “Idol” remains a ratings juggernaut, and that millions upon millions of people from all walks of life religiously still tune in to the show. Apparently, that includes head coaches of big-time college football programs. Or at least one: UCLA Bruins head football coach Jim Mora.

Mora took to Twitter on Thursday to throw his support behind one of the contestants, alerting his over-13,000 followers to exactly where his loyalties reside as it pertains to his Idol fandom. And once you learn why he is so supportive of one particular contestant, the reason behind his tweet makes much more sense.

Via Dr. Saturday:

For background, Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew had a sing-off to determine who will go on the “American Idol” live tour. A fan vote will determine who wins. We didn’t know anything about this. No Simon, no Doc Sat viewership. We didn’t know about it, that is, until Mora tweeted about it, seemingly at random.

While it’s funny to imagine UCLA’s coach sitting at home picking random “Idol” contestants to vote for after watching the show, there’s actually a pretty cool back story to it all. Aubrey is the daughter of Thane Cleland, a former Huskies player. He was the punter from 1983-86 and holds the records for most punts in school history. Mora was an outside linebacker on the 1983 Washington team with Cleland. So it turns out that Mora is doing a favor for his old college teammate, trying to drum up votes for Aubrey so she can keep pursuing her singing dream on the “American Idol” tour. That’s a great gesture.

That clears things up a bit. Here’s Mora’s tweet:

And if you think that Jim Mora is the only guy with a football background on the “Team Aubrey” bandwagon, think again. Terrelle Pryor is all about Aubrey as well:

There you go. I think with that information, you now know what you need to do. That’s right, as comedian Anthony Jeselnik suggests when closing his new Comedy Central show, go read a book.