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This mash-up of ‘Mad Men’ and March Madness is absolutely fantastic (video)


With the heavily anticipated sixth season of the brilliant AMC series Mad Men set to premiere on April 7 and March Madness already beginning to ramp up and Selection Sunday just around the corner, the fact that Official Comedy had the good sense to pair these two juggernauts up into an expertly crafted mash-up is utterly genius.

Watch as dialogue from Don, Roger, Peggy, Pete, Joan, Betty (unfortunately not “Fat Betty” though) and many other characters is cut up to make it appear like the gang is talking about the NCAA Tournament. March Mad Men Madness, indeed.

Via YouTube (by way of With Leather):

March Madness meets Mad Men. Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Ken Cosgrove, Peggy Olson, Pete Campbell, Betty Francis, and Bert Cooper have a lot at stake, and things are getting stressful. Who will win this year’s pool at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?

Awesome. I heard Official Comedy considered doing something along these lines with another AMC series, The Walking Dead, but all the grunting and nonsensical guttural sounds from the zombies just made it sound  exactly like an episode of ESPN’s First Take, so what was the point?