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The goggles do nothing! Notre Dame’s green jerseys are retina-burning (pics/vid)


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish took the basketball court at Madison Square Garden on Thursday for a Big East Tournament quarterfinals showdown against the Marquette Golden Eagles. And while the Irish were able to rally and beat the Golden Eagles to reach the semifinals, the talk surrounding the game revolved around the retina-scarring, rods-and-cones-damaging, garish green jerseys Notre Dame were wearing.

Jay Bilas, the zing-master himself, couldn’t help but once again savage Notre Dame’s court attire, something he did on Wednesday when he expertly ripped the team’s warmups with a phenomenal one-liner.

And the obligatory┬áRainier Wolfecastle/Radioactive Man reference is especially apropos in this instance, as the color of Notre Dame’s jerseys is amazingly similar to the radioactive waste that washes over the hero:

Some more screengrabs of the atrocious unis, for those who haven’t suffered temporarily blindness:

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