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Patriots fan burns Wes Welker jersey because of course he did (vid)


Fans can sometimes take things such as a much-loved player jumping ship and signing with another team as a personal insult, leaving them feeling betrayed by an athlete they once so admired. Often, while a blatant overreaction, such feelings of betrayal can be understood to a limited extent.

But other times, such as is the case with several New England Patriots fans burning their Wes Welker jerseys and uploading video of the act to YouTube, the anger is misdirected and unwarranted, because if these enraged and embittered Patriots fans would look a little deeper, their ire shouldn’t be directed at Welker. Any overreactions should be aimed squarely at the Patriots organization, if anyone at all.

Of course, we all know that Welker signed a two-year deal with the Denver Broncos for a reported $12 million. But other developments in the saga bear a closer look. During negotiations, it was reported that the Patriots offered what was considered by some as a “laughable” deal, worth apparently $10 million over two years. The Patriots subsequently refused to match Denver’s slightly higher offer and some are laying the blame for the breakdown between the team and Welker squarely at New England’s feet.

Further, later reports indicated that the Patriots may have had no intention at all of signing Welker, as the team reportedly signed free agent wide receiver Danny Amendola, Welker’s assumed replacement, to a contract on Tuesday, a day before Welker signed with Denver.

But I have prattled on long enough. In the end, these facts did not matter to at least a small contingent of upset Patriots fans. And we all know what you came to see anyway: A Fan burning a Wes Welker jersey.

Here’s a guy blaming Welker for costing the Pats a Super Bowl before calling him a traitor and setting the jersey on fire:

 There you have it. How dare Welker? How dare he sign with an organization that actually wants him on their team? What a jerk, right?

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