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Guy at Trail Blazers game goes to town picking his nose, then winks at camera (video)


During Thursday night’s TNT broadcast of the Portland Trail Blazers-New York Knicks Game at the Rose Garden, Kevin Harlan and Chris Webber were doing their little bit where basketball announcers are afforded the rare opportunity for some face time. Usually, the folks seated behind the broadcasters either go over the top, waving at the camera and acting the fool, or they don’t even realize there is a camera pointed directly at them and go about their business.

Then there is this guy, who kind of falls in between those two kinds of people. This dude spends a decent amount of time mining for nose gold, seemingly unaware that the camera is capturing his nose-picking escapades. But this guy is just luring us in, as once his finger is extracted from his nostril and he inspects it for any booger bounty, he casually turns to the camera and gives us a little wink, letting us know he’s in on it, both his nose and the fact that his behavior has been documented for millions to see.

Gee whiz, between this dude and Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim caught picking his nose, booger-mining is becoming a basketball-wide epidemic. March Madness, indeed.

Fantastic. Let your freak flag fly, Guy Who Doesn’t Give a Rip About No Stinking Camera Recording His Nose-Spelunking Booger-Seeking Expedition.

[H/T SB Nation]