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Tommy Lasorda reads World Baseball Classic tweets in foreign languages (video)


With the international flavor of the World Baseball Classic, some jokester thought it would be a hoot to trot out the 85-year-old Los Angeles Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda at the MLB Man Cave and have him read tweets about the tournament. But not only tweets in English, but foreign languages as well.

To be honest, Mr. Tommy Lasorda looks a bit confused by the whole thing. Lasorda is getting up there in years, but he’s a good sport and goes along with the gag while everyone laughs and laughs and laughs at the poor old man. At least they gave him cue cards, I guess.

Good stuff. What’s more surprising: The fact that Tommy Lasorda is actually on Twitter or that he is unable to read tweets from Chinese Taipei players? Tough call.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I now have a hankering for some Ultra Slim-Fast. That’s how you keep a FUPA-free body, kiddos.