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Sweet fancy Moses, Pete Rose’s furniture store commercial is brilliant (video)


Major League Baseball’s legendary outcast, Pete Rose, and his better half, Kiana Kim, have to keep the money rolling in somehow, so what better way to get a quick and easy paycheck than by starring in a local, low-budget commercial for a furniture store?

And seriously, this bad boy has it all. Hackneyed acting? Check. Horrible production values? Awkward posing and absurd dialog? Check. Paula Deen furniture? You betcha.

Wait. Paula Deen furniture? What the fungus? Is the stuff made out of butter, y’all?

Anyhoo, Pete Rose, Kiana Kim and some random sales lady from Muenchen’s Furniture in Cincinnati are perusing the available furniture on the showroom floor as the happy couple cannot seem to agree on which item to purchase, as there is so much stuff each of them “just have to get.”

It’s a nearly flawless exercise in terrible advertising. Watch and enjoy.

I cannot stop watching this train wreck. It gets better with each viewing. And by better, I mean worse, but in a good way. With the way Pete and Kiana are so natural, comfortable and relatable in front of the camera, it’s a shock that the couple’s reality show on TLC totally bombed and subsequently was deep-sixed by the network.

[H/T Hardball Talk]