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Notre Dame’s jerseys are awful, Jay Bilas savages the team’s warmups (pics/video)


As the Cincinnati Bearcats unfortunately were forced to do on Wednesday in spectacular nightmare fuel fashion, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish also debuted the team’s Zubaz-inspired new basketball uniforms designed by adidas during a appearance in the Big East Tournament. And again, much like the Bearcats, the Fighting Irish’s new duds were awful, just awful. I mean really ugly, man.

But it is unlikely that anyone will come up with a better, more accurate and funnier description of Notre Dame’s garishly atrocious warmups the players were wearing than ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas, who said, “It looked like someone had a Shamrock Shake and threw up on them.” Winner winner chicken dinner.

Witness the savagery. It follows, along with a gallery of the off-putting outfits.

Bravo., Jay Bilas. Truly a praiseworthy zinger right there.

Although if I may interject one zinger of my own, those warmups are an uglier green than whatever Jim Boeheim dug out his nose during his booger-seeking expedition on Wednesday.

On to the gallery of garish awfulness:

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Yamma hamma, it’s fright night. But much like Cincinnati, Notre Dame did not allow the ugly unis to ruin the game, as the team beat Rutgers by a score of 69-61 to advance to the Big East Tournament quarterfinals. Good for them. Bad for us.

[H/T The Big Lead, some images via College Spun]