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Nose-picking Jim Boeheim unfamiliar with how to make a Kleenex dance (video)


What? You’ve never heard that one? You make a Kleenex dance by putting a little boogie in it, of course. How else can you explain Jim Boeheim electing to pick his nose instead of using a Kleenex at the Big East Tournament? The Syracuse Orange were taking on the Seton Hall Pirates at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night in a Big East Tournament showdown. While the action on the court was intense, it hardly could match up to the unparalleled vigor and rigorous fervor with which Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim attacked his right nostril in a sublime demonstration of inglorious nose-picking. I mean this Jim Boeheim guy really went to town on his nose gold-digging expedition. You can tell he’s been there before. Knuckle-deep in his nostril, I mean, not the Big East Tournament.

GIF and video goodness (for lack of a better word) follow.

There you have it. In case anyone was wondering or cares, Syracuse ultimately secured a 75-63 victory over Seton Hall to advance to the Big East Tournament quarterfinals. But let’s be honest here, all we really care about is the nose-picking habits of a man I will now refer to from this point forward as “Booger Boeheim.”

[GIF via The Big Lead, video via Sports Grid]