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Meet Owen Kopinski, the 21-month-old toddler with some mad golf skills (video)


In January, a video that has been around for three years featuring a 17-month-old toddler showing off his golf skills suddenly went viral. That youngster’s reign as the most famous little golfer on YouTube may be coming to an end thanks to Owen Kopinski, a 21-month-old golf prodigy from Addison, Ill.

Little Owen puts on an absolute clinic at a golf shop’s practice putting green before taking his talents to the mini-driving range to demonstrate his surprisingly refined golf swing.

Yep, as I mentioned in the previous post about the 17-month-old golfer, this kid also is already a better golfer than you or any of your buddies. Kinda infuriating, ain’t it?

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]