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Martellus Bennett happy to be a Chicago Bear as there are no dinosaurs in the NFL


On Wednesday, a press conference was held in to introduce to introduce the newest member of the Chicago Bears, former New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett. Coming off a remarkable season in New York, Bennett signed a a reported four-year, $20 million contract with the Bears, and if this presser — not to mention is colorful past history — is any indication, Bears fans are going to really love this guy.

Besides football, Bennett discussed a myriad of odd topics, from how he got his nickname, “Black Unicorn,” his lactose intolerance and his love of dinosaurs.

Video is available for viewing here, but the following are some noteworthy highlights from the eminently quotable Martellus Bennett’s press conference, beginning with him explaining how it is great to be a Chicago Bear since his favorite kind of animal isn’t in the NFL: “I’m excited to be a Chicago Bear. Bears are one of my favorite animals — after dinosaurs. I don’t think there are any dinosaurs in the NFL, so a Bear is a good thing to be.”

Indeed, Mr. Bennett, there are no dinosaurs in the NFL. It’s a shame he didn’t play basketball. He could have been a Toronto Raptor.

Bennett explained how he got his “Black Unicorn” nickname: “I have several nicknames I go by. The black unicorn is the one that seemed to stick the longest. Basically, black unicorns are rare. Any time you see a picture, it’s a white unicorn. Being African-American, I thought it would be clever to be the black unicorn. … unicorns are cool, but I prefer dinosaurs honestly. One day I had on black tights, I was running down the field, and I felt like a unicorn. I didn’t feel like a horse. I felt like a unicorn. … It’s magical. I enjoy it.”

Unicorns, dinosaurs, feeling magical. Awesome. And who knew black unicorns were so rare? I mean, everybody knows that white unicorns are a dime a dozen, but I guess you learn something new every day.