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This animation of ‘The Jim Leyland Breakfast’ is all kinds of awesome (video)


If there is one MLB manager who encompasses all the attributes that define an “Old School Baseball Throwback,” Detroit Tigers skipper Jim Leyland more than capably fits the bill. Despite his outward appearance as an irascible curmudgeon, Leyland does have his softer side, but it is blunted by his no-nonsense approach to baseball and his gruff exterior that manifests itself in everything the guy does at the ballpark.

While it is unknown if Jim Leyland still partakes in the smoky treats, a smoking ban at Comerica Park in 2010 put the kibosh on seeing Leyland firing up a heater in the dugout or clubhouse, this brilliant piece of animation by artist Carl Skanberg that supposes what “The Jim Leyland Breakfast” might consist of nevertheless is a real delight.

Fantastic. Smoke ring doughnuts for dipping in his coffee. That about sums up Jim Leyland perfectly, does it not?

[H/T Big League Stew]