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NFL Network issues on-air apology for Warren Sapp’s potty mouth (video)


On Tuesday afternoon, an awkward situation occurred during an NFL Network broadcast of the show Total Access when a hot mic captured analyst Warren Sapp mumbling something in the background while Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli was being interviewed on set by Scott Hanson.

Folks with much better ears than I not only attributed it to Warren Sapp but also have managed to decipher what was uttered by the usually opinionated analyst under his breath: “The f–king Bill Belichick f–king angle.”

That ain’t good. Video of the incident follows.


Uh-oh, SpaghettiOs. Officially, NFL Network remained suspiciously silent afterward as things of this nature are usually addressed immediately and head-on to avoid further controversy, although Scott Hanson, the gentlemen who was interviewing Pioli when the unfortunate F-bombs were picked up, did somewhat allude it later:

Finally, on Wednesday morning during the Free Agency Frenzy news show, Chris Rose addressed Sapp’s potty mouth and issued a formal apology as follows:

“Before we give you the news of the day we want to offer an apology. Last night during some live programming, we accidentally aired an expletive. It will not happen again, so our sincerest apology to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, the Patriots family, Robert Kraft and his entire family, a classy organization out there. Once again, it’s not who we are, it’s not what we do, and it will not happen again.”

No word on whether or not Sapp will be punished for his F-bomb-dropping.