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GAH! Cincinnati Bearcats’ Zubaz-esque jerseys are horrible, just horrible (pics)


Members of the Cincinnati Bearcats basketball team had the unfortunate assignment of debuting the atrocious new uniforms created for the team (and others) by adidas during a Big East Tournament game against the Providence Friars on Wednesday.

And man oh man, the original photos that were released previously did not do the jerseys sufficient condemnable justice, as seeing them in action, although it appeared to be a nearly impossible task, made them appear much, much worse.

Additional evidence of the retina-scarring carnage follows.

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Egad. Brutal. Maybe to complete the dated nightmare fuel theme, perhaps the Cincinnati Bearcats should have had their warmups designed by the company who made those “Big Johnson” shirts back in the ’90s.

But in the end, the Bearcats persevered through it all, defeating the Friars in a second round game by a score of 61-44. But even in the individual responsible for the write-up to the linked AP report in the previous sentence could not help themselves when discussing the uniforms, writing, “Wearing special uniforms with neon trim and hideous, camouflage-patterned shorts…” Ouch. When the AP is slamming something, you know it has to be bad.

[Some images via The Big Lead]