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Dwight Howard is the Wilmer Valderrama of trash-talking NBA centers (video)


As covered here extensively at the Sportress over the past week or so, Los Angeles Lakers center and perceived turncoat Dwight Howard made his much-anticipated return to Orlando on Tuesday night to face his former team — and a chorus of boos, posters and hecklers — at Amway Arena.

Howard managed to play admirably despite the outright hostility — although never silencing his very vocal detractors – with a dominant performance, scoring 39 points and pulling down 16 rebounds in a 106-97 victory for the Lakers.

The boo-birds were ready and waiting when Howard’s was named during lineup introductions, unleashing a thunderous onslaught of vocalized vitriol. But if anyone suspected that Howard would emerge meekly, they were sadly mistaken, as Howard had an interesting back-and-forth with one disgruntled Magic fan whose attempt to heckle the Lakers center resulted in some smack talk from Howard that would have made Wilmer Valderrama, host of the MTV train wreck of a series, Yo Momma, proud, may he rest in peace.

Oh, he’s still alive? Good for Wilmer.

Before we get to Dwight Howard’s embarrassing effort at “Yo Momma” hijinks, his pregame introduction:

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt, getting booed like that. At least to a person who might actually gives a rip what people think. Which Howard is not.

But it get far, far more entertaining once the game began. Late in the 3rd quarter, on-court microphones caught an interesting conversation between Howard and a heckling Magic fan. It is difficult to decipher exactly what Howard is saying, but it’s along the lines of saying “Even your momma” repeatedly before unleashing, “Your momma hates me, too. She liked me last night.” Zing.

Okay, I’ll admit, it’s not truly a “Your Momma” joke, but how else was I going to sneak in a Wilmer Valderrama reference. Lord knows the guy could use the attention.