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Russell Westbrook jacks up halfcourt shot in feeble attempt to draw foul (video)


During the Oklahoma City Thunder’s showdown against the San Antonio Spurs, point guard Russell Westbrook made an ill-conceived attempt to draw a shooting foul by hoisting up a shot just inside the half-court line. As the Clark Griswold once said when imparting some sage advice onto his son, “Nothing to be proud of, Russ.”

With the game late in the 3rd quarter and the Thunder down by three, Westbrook was bringing the ball into the offensive zone when Spurs guard Gary Neal met him just as he entered the Thunder’s frontcourt to apply a little defense.

Westbrook, erroneously believing that any NBA referee in their right mind would blow their whistle and call a foul on such a play, jacked up a shot while leaning into Neal, hoping to draw a three shots at the free throw line.

Yeah, it didn’t work out as Westbrook planned.

That sad display of questionable gamesmanship is nearly as offensive, albeit in a different way, as this goofy getup Westbrook once had the bad sense to actually wear. To make matters worse, doesn’t it look like Westbrook pushes Neal to the floor after trying to draw a foul? So much so, the Thunder superstar should have had a foul called on him.

In the end, Westbrook’s feeble attempt at securing an undeserved trip to the charity stripe had little to do with outcome, as the Thunder came up far short, losing the Spurs 105-93 with Westbrook contributing 25 points in the loss, not to mention some questionable decision-making.