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Orlando billboards counting down until Dwight Howard leaves town again (pic)


With Dwight Howard back in town with the Los Angeles Lakers for a tilt against the Orlando Magic on Tuesday night, a local radio station has erected a billboard that will help fans count down to the moment when the center will be once again on his way out of the fair city.

Tuesday will be the one and only time that Howard will return to Orlando to take on his former team, and the raucous anger and outright hostility that Howard presumably will be met with has been building up in vitriolic anticipation of the game since last week when a scathing column and an amusing video from the Orlando Sentinel sparked the flames. Because Howard isn’t a well-liked figure in Orlando, you see.

That’s where Power 95.3’s billboard comes in. The below electronic billboard is one of the three that have been put up in the Orlando area that provides a countdown “‘Til Dwight Leaves Us Again.”


Zing. Although smack-talking signs (and other varieties of billboards as well) are not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to the world of sport. It was just in February that billboards popped up all over New England that supposedly were counting down to the Ray Lewis Retirement Party heading in to the AFC Championship Game between the Ravens and the Patriots.

Obviously, those billboards weren’t as accurate as they were clever.  Yet, the Dwight Howard countdown clocks are simply a statement, not an opinion or prediction, so 95.3 is safe on that count and will likely not have to eat crow over the billboards. Unless Dwight Howard decides to remain in Orlando for a couple of extra days, something I don’t envision happening as the Lakers are due in Atlanta to face the Hawks on Wednesday. The enraged townspeople who would likely light torches and arm themselves with pitchforks in order to forcibly chase Howard out of town probably would quickly usher the center out of the city anyway.

(Photo via Tampa Bay Online)