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Steelers fan gets a large tattoo of a Terrible Towel on his chest (photo)


Pittsburgh Steelers fans are a unique breed. They travel notoriously well and have a fan base that blankets the country, routinely making their presence known in NFL stadiums throughout the land. Winning a bunch of Super Bowls over the years probably doesn’t hurt, either, helping the franchise raise its profile with more casual fans and annoying bandwagon jumpers alike. Still, it cannot be denied that Steelers fans as a whole are a passionate, dedicated bunch, as illustrated by this guy’s brand-new piece of body art: The infamous “Terrible Towel” emblazoned in pretty large scale upon his chest. Gotta support the team, right? And what better way than by getting the team’s famous cloth talisman, first introduced in 1975, inked into one’s skin?


(image via @434Caruso)

Pretty awesome. Although it’s disappointing the guy didn’t go all out and left his nipple absent of any ink. Sure, it would hurt like the dickens, but let’s take it all the way, man.

Still, paying tribute to your beloved NFL team instead of a favorite player has a far greater probability of not being totally humiliating down the road. Say, for example, these Tim Tebow-inspired tattoo messes.

Even Steelers linebacker Lamar Woodley was impressed, tweeting his admiration of the ink to his followers:

High praise, indeed. Probably made it all worth it for this obviously dedicated Steelers fan.

[H/T Game On!]