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Sportscenter’s death knell sounded with ‘BioBlast’ about the Harlem Shake (pic)


As succinctly pointed out by The Big Lead, this truly signifies the demise of SportsCenter. The fact that the geniuses behind the scenes of ESPN’s SportsCenter felt compelled to explain exactly what the Harlem Shake craze is all about to the halfwits and mouth-breathers who still loyally tune in to the show illustrates perhaps better than anyone could possibly articulate just how profoundly irrelevant and nauseatingly trite the network’s flagship program has become as a means to receive one’s sports news.

Yep. So, so sad. As Deadspin astutely observes, the Miami Heat doing the Harlem Shake got more coverage on SportsCenter than NHL would ever dare dream to receive. Sad, indeed.

Where have you gone, Charley Steiner? We miss you, man.