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Reggie Miller dons Shaq’s suit jacket, tweets ‘it makes me look like I’m 8!’ (photo)


Fore many reasons, no one would ever confuse NBA legend Reggie Miller with his fellow TNT NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal, so it comes as no surprise that when Miller put on Shaq’s suit jacket and uploaded the hilarious results to Twitter, the image invariably would be an amusing one.

First of all, I didn’t know Cheryl Miller’s brother played basketball (mark off “Obsure Seinfeld Reference” on my Useless and Dated Pop Culture Reference BINGO Card) until some time ago, but nevertheless he did and now he utilizes his experience and knowledge of the game to provide insightful commentary to broadcasts of NBA games on TNT.

Shaquille O’Neal, on the other hand, brings his unique brand of insights and tomfoolery to the studio show when he’s not cramming himself into a super tiny car in a commercial that unconvincingly makes the argument that he would ever wedge himself into it. Because he’s a very large man, you see.

Speaking of him being a large man and Reggie Miller not being quite-as-large of a man, here is what Miller looked like wearing Shaq’s coat:


Haha. It’s funny because the suit jacket is far too big for him. It’s almost as amusing as if new pals Zach Galifnankis and Nikola Pekovic wore one another’s pants. But different.

Miller’s tweet:

It’s like the Bizarro World version of “Fat Guy in a Little Coat”. And would you look at that? Another mark off my BINGO board. I’m hot today!

[H/T Ball Don’t Lie]