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Baylor football coach Art Briles joined Twitter and his tweets are straight pimpin’


Look at the photo of Baylor Bears head football coach Art Briles above. Now look at the copy in this post. Now look again at Art Briles. Now, the words. Again, Art Briles. Now stare at a light bulb for 30 seconds. Now wait for the spots to recede and for your vision to return and then continue reading. But first look at Baylor Bears head football coach Art Briles one more time.

Okay, it may seem like that exercise was a waste of time, but as you will learn, there was some benefit. And that benefit is that you now have a good image seared into your brain — staring too long at a light bulb may have something to with that, but I’m no optometrist — of exactly what Baylor football coach Art Briles looks like before you read a few tweets from his Twitter account that was just launched a mere few days ago.

But first a very brief bio to put the following tweets in perspective. Art Briles is a 57-year-old football coach born in Rules, Texas who has spent nearly all of his life and coaching career within the borders of the great state of Texas. That should be sufficient enough background to make these tweets all the more hilarious.

Awesome. Although I should admit that without Dr. Saturday’s assistance, I wouldn’t have had the foggiest idea what “Stanky Leg” or “All the Way Turnt Up” was without the links provided. Because, I am apparently nowhere near as hip as Art Briles. I suppose it could be argued that I’m tragically unhip. But hip enough to be familiar with the band The Tragically Hip, but that’s not really that hip in the first place. Hey, anybody else in the mood for some Boz Scaggs? I doubt Art Briles would be too keen on that, what with his modern musical tastes and evident street cred.