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Sarah Savage, Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend, uploads modeling shot to Instagram (pics)


Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacking phenomenon, Johnny Manziel, sure leads a charmed life. He’s so well-known on campus that any appearance by him there results in some kind of Beatlemania-esque Johnny Football frenzy, so much so, he has admitted to resorting to almost exclusively taking online courses to avoid the mania.

Also, not shockingly, he has an incredibly attractive girlfriend. Her name is Sarah Savage. She is a fellow student at Texas A&M. She is also a model. An attractive model at that, although “attractive model” is something of a redundant label. But bear with me here.

And how about her name? Sarah Savage? Now that’s a name you can set a watch to. Or whatever.

Anyway, on Thursday, Miss Sarah Savage uploaded a new photo of herself, looking resplendent in a lime green, two-piece bikini, along with the note, “can’t wait to be back on the beach #15days.” This presumably means she is looking forward to spending some time in a sandy environment that isĀ  located near a large body of water in warm, perhaps tropical location, at a time a little more than two weeks from Thursday.

But enough of my jibber-jabbing by way of keyboard strokes. The photo follows.


And here’s another modeling photo of Miss Savage, although this one is from earlier in February:


And here’s a photo of Miss Sarah Savage posing with the Heisman Trophy:


Yep. This Sarah Savage gal is one mighty attractive young woman. Johnny Manziel must have a real great personality or something.

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